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Deacon Phil Kraynik

Executive Trainer

Highlights of Parish involvement and experience:
• Deacon for Diocese of Cleveland (Ordained 2009)
• Successful service in multiple parish ministries: Liturgy, Word, and Charity
• Spiritual leader and counselor
• Mentor to newly ordained deacon
• Sacramental preparation and education
• RCIA lead, Pastoral and Finance Council member
• Men’s Prayer Group facilitator
• Electronic Ministry/Evangelization: Parish website and social media content lead
• Various administrative duties related to parish operations and services

Highlights of Professional background:
• Experienced executive coach
• Leadership and budgetary responsibilities for creating, maintaining and evaluating corporate leadership skills development systems:
o Cleveland Clinic
o First Energy
o Medical Mutual
o Various manufacturing and service oriented organizations
• President of learning and development and performance improvement consulting firm

Areas of expertise:
• Decoding assessment tool results and creation of realistic personal skill development plans designed to maximize personal charisms
• Translating intellectual knowledge into pastoral service
• Applying tools and techniques proven to improve:
o Professional relationships
o Personal leadership skills
o Team building skills
o Parish operational processes

Deacon Phil Kraynik
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