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Jim Toohey

Corporate Executive

Parish Involvement and Experience
Chair Pastoral Council - 1 year; Pastoral Council Member 3 years; Personal Advisor to 2 Pastors - 4 years; Vision Committee - 1 year; Building Committee - 1 year;

Professional Background
Retired Corporate Officer of Hallmark Cards; President of Hallmark International with presence in 100 countries, 7,000 employees; Retired CEO of IHDG a multi-international company, world’s largest wallpaper company operating under multiple brand names globally.

Early in my Hallmark career I was in HR in recruitment of mid managers for four subsidiaries in an 8 state area, in sales training responsible for development and training of new representatives, district sales manager responsible for the development of sales people and sub managers; headquarters experience managed the Hallmark Brand Product Marketing for the US; later responsible for all Retail Development (2700 people- primarily of corporate leasing, retail training, new store concepts, retail technology, retail merchandising and store design; 300 corporate owned retail stores including retail testing).

General executive experience of building, developing staff for management succession through coaching and counseling for performance oriented objectives, strategies, financial results, etc.

Areas of Expertise I might be able to provide advise on:
Personal areas of self development
Plans on how to achieve self-evaluation of progress, celebrate the successes, retry areas of less than satisfactory results; confidence building (right person, right time - you can do this motivation) and fun while doing it.

Jim Toohey
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