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June Ryan

Executive Trainer

I believe success, and indeed life “is a team sport.” I help individuals navigate from where they are to where they want to be. I am trained in The Success Principles, based on the book and life’s work of Jack Canfield (whom you may know as the co-Author of the Chicken Soup for the Soul book series.) Additionally, I am a Barrett Values’ Consultant. I help individuals understand their personal values that underpin every action and non-action they take every day. I help individuals see themselves in their own personal development and help identify the next area in their personal and professional evolution.

Highlights of Parish involvement and experience:

I have been active in the catholic community my entire life. As a small child, I began singing in the children’s choir and have had the honor to serve in various capacities of the parish community from the welcome person at the door to usher, eucharistic minister, lector, cantor, etc. I currently serve on my Parish Council.

I offer a unique perspective into parish life, as a recent retiree from the military. We moved over 15 times during my career, living in Maine, New York, Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, California, Florida and Ohio.

Highlights of Professional background:

I am a veteran of the United States Coast Guard. I started my career, as a deckhand at Coast Guard Station Marblehead and Toledo while attending Bowling Green State University. Following college graduation, I attended Officer Candidate’s school, and 35-years later retired as the District Commander (CEO equivalent), responsible for leading the Great Lakes Region (8 states, 1500 miles of International Border, and 6,000 men and women, including 3,000 volunteers.)

In bullet points: Areas of expertise you can provide advice on:

Having moved up the ranks from literally cleaning toilets to the equivalent of a 2-star General, I have had the privilege of learning and using countless leadership skills that have sustained me through a wide variety of operational assignments, including Captain of two ships, Chief of Staff, budget officer, trainer at our Law Enforcement Academy, just to name a few. I’ve also led many major operational emergencies, including hurricane response, oil spill responses, major Search and Rescue cases, counter-drug patrols, and migrant /illegal border crossing operations.

• Strategic Leadership & Executive Leadership • Strategic Budget Outlooks
• Human Resources • Inspiration / Motivation
• Personal & Professional Growth • Positive Quotient (PQ) & Self-care

June Ryan
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