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Marie Pompili

Communications Executive

Highlights of Parish involvement and experience: My husband and I have been members of St. Mary Church in Hudson, Ohio, for the past 18 years. During that time, we’ve been involved with the Pre-Cana team (three years) and the parish’s Life Teen program. I served as a Life Teen Core member for one year before stepping down due to our own child being of age to participate in the program. Prior to that I was a member of the Mardi Gras – later Trees & Treasures – planning committee serving as PR/Communications Chair, Live Auction Chair, and in other volunteer capacities for a number of years. Both fundraisers are the primary funding sources for the Life Teen program at St. Mary. I worked in the Life Teen office as an Administrative Assistant for three years, providing me with an insider’s view of the inner workings of the church as a spiritual place and as a business.

Highlights of Professional background: I bring nearly 30 years of professional writing and communications experience to the priest mentorship program. I started my career in the industrial trade press in 1991, writing and editing for engineering magazines – despite the fact that I had no engineering experience. You ask the right questions, you get the right answers. I was also responsible for representing the magazines and the company at numerous trade shows and while traveling with sales representatives to customer bases. I then moved to the “other side of the desk”, working in public relations, representing two divisions of the Sherwin-Williams company. We helped our clients shape their message through feature stories, press releases, trade shows, and working closely with editors to promote our client’s coatings offerings. I took some time off of full-time work for an extended family leave, freelancing for magazines in such markets as engineering, hotel and motel management, and health care. Upon returning to full-time work, I joined another public relations firm, again representing Sherwin-Williams and other smaller clients. After a downsizing in 2008, I joined St. Mary’s Parish as an Administrative Assistant, still continuing to freelance and to use my PR experience to promote Life Teen events. After three years I left to pursue other opportunities, both part-time in order to accommodate my children’s schedules, freelancing the whole time. Finally, nearly seven years ago I joined the PR team at Lynn Gorman Communications and am now poised to purchase the company before the end of 2021. Currently, I am an Account Manager and manage a staff of freelance and 1099 writers and communications professionals.

Areas of expertise you can provide advice on:

• Concisely and effectively communicating messages to parishioners and the public
• Know your audience. It’s Communications 101 but most people lose their way or never learn it
• The importance of effective communication with staff, parishioners and the public. If you are “bossy”, abrasive, evasive, or negative, people tend to turn you off.
• How to be transparent while not giving away every detail. Transparency is crucial in today’s day and age.
• Editing homilies. So many young priests try to cram several points into their homilies and lose their audiences quickly – and sometimes permanently. There are ways to concisely communicate their messages.
• Staff communications. Office personnel are often the first people parishioners encounter. Their demeanor is crucial to the atmosphere a priest would like to create.
• The fact that I worked in a church for a number of years gives me insight as to how to apply the above to church staff.

Marie Pompili
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