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Shannon Jerse


Highlights of Parish involvement and experience:
• School Board Member, member of Cluster of Parishes, Steering Committee and Endowment. Co-Chair of Life on the Lake.
• Member of the Diocesan Review Board, member of the Investigations Committee, Chair of Search Committee.
• Board member of St. Ignatius High School, Chair of the Governance Committee

Highlights of Professional background: I have been an in-house, Hospital lawyer for 30 years. I’ve had to give advice and problem solve around every issue facing a leadership team that one could imagine, including employment, personal injury, finance, HR policy, risk management, etc.

Areas of expertise you can provide advice on:

- employment issues
- Real estate
- Finances
- Risk management
- Confidentiality and privacy
- Administrative process
- Compliance
- Compliance with Catholic doctrine
- Developing policies and procedures

Shannon Jerse
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