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Thom Majka

Collections Executive

Highlights of Parish involvement and experience: No Experience with Parish Involvement. Have experience in volunteer work, (nursing homes & hospice)

Highlights of Professional background: 45 years of experience to my role at DebtNext Software. Held multiple managerial level positions within the industry, starting with managing large collection operations for Receivable Management Services, a former Dun & Bradstreet partner company. Thom’s vast wealth of experience allows him and his team to offer a great deal of know-how to DebtNext clients in areas such as agency management strategies, technology solutions, and audits of third-party agencies and law firms. The DebtNext Consulting Group under Thom’s leadership has brought tremendous value to the DebtNext client servicing process. The Consulting Group has completed over 150 on-site Operational / Audit Reviews for clients in the financial, government, utility, and telecommunication industries. His education background includes a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Colorado.

Areas of expertise you can provide advice on:
• Ability to Lead
• Communication Skills
• Decision-making & Problem-solving
• Interpersonal Skills

Thom Majka
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